What kind of person do you dream of being? What kind of life do you want for yourself? How do you negotiate all of the hard things placed in front of you at this stage in your life? How can you “evolve” into the person you were always meant to be?

At First UMC Fulshear we are committed to helping youth from Junior High to High School be introduced to Jesus and learn what it means to have Him be a daily part of their lives. We know that a meaningful relationship with Jesus helps people to “evolve” into the person they have always wanted to be. Since we know that the journey of a Christian and the growth they experience does not happen overnight, and that the challenges that our world poses to our youth are only increasing in severity, we strive to consistently tackle those big life issues that our kids wrestle with and help them to discover how the Church, the Bible, and the Holy Spirit are readily available to assist them!


Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.You can reach Erik Gragert, our Associate Pastor, at or 281-346-1416.

Sunday Morning Bible Study

At First UMC Fulshear we believe that by the time a person reaches 6th grade, they are definitely ready to attend Sunday morning worship services with their
parents or guardians, and we want families to have the opportunity to worship together without missing out on anything. Therefore, we offer a youth Bible Study in Pastor Erik’s office every Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. during the first service. This allows families to then attend the 10:30 worship service together. Our Bible Study for youth is focused on exposing kids to the stories and teachings of the Bible itself, and to then figure out how what they have learned is applicable to their lives.

Sunday Night Encounter

“Encounter” is a dynamic program from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. every Sunday night in the Family Life Center for Junior High and High School students designed to address the big questions that kids have about Christianity and to help them discover the deeper truths of the faith. How do we do this? We don’t do it by making our youth group feel like school. Kids have enough homework, so through fun and interactive means, we discuss things said in the Bible and how to understand and live out the teachings of Jesus. We also play a lot of kickball! It doesn’t matter if you already consider yourself to be a Christian or not. If you are in Junior High or High School we would love for you to just come
and hang out with us, have fun, eat some snacks, and meet some of the best friends you will ever get to know.


There comes a time in the life of every kid that goes to church when they will need to take ownership of their own faith. As a rite of passage, historically we have seen God’s people, whether it be the people of the Old Testament, or the Christians of the New Testament, encourage their kids to follow God not simply because their parents tell them it is the right thing to do, but rather follow God because it is what they want for themselves.

As Confirmation is a tradition of the United Methodist Church and an important milestone in the spiritual maturation of young adults, every year we hold a Confirmation program for students 7th grade and above who are ready to learn the fundamentals of their faith. At the conclusion of the Confirmation process those who were baptized as infants will “remember” their baptism in a special ceremony during a special Sunday morning worship service known as “Confirmation Sunday”, or they will be baptized for the first time as a committed follower of Jesus Christ. Confirmation is led by the pastors of the church and is an invaluable tool in the faith formation of the kids who are part of our church family.

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